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Upper Hunter Birth Stories

I finished my birth and postpartum doula training with the Australian Doula College early in 2022, and I am currently completing my Bachelor of Midwifery at the University of Newcastle. 

Due to university and family circumstances, I can not currently offer my doula services to the community, so I decided to start a birth story account on Instagram.  The aim of this account is to share birth stories from the local area. I know that sometimes reading others birth experiences can set up certain expectations for birthing people and if those expectations are not met with their own births, it can create a sense of "failure", however my goal is to share ALL types of birth stories. I want to share vaginal, homebirth, drug free, epidural, water, induction, planned and unplanned c-section, ventouse and forceps stories... I want to create a safe space for women to be able to share and help educate others through these experiences. 

If you are from the Upper Hunter Valley, Hunter Valley and Newcastle area and would like to share your story, please send me an email at

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