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About Me

I'm Deannah and my family and I moved to NSW in January 2020 from the Sunshine Coast, QLD.  In June 2021, we relocated to the Hunter Valley from northern NSW.  I am a born and bred QLDer, however I am loving all the things NSW has had to offer so far! 


When I’m not photographing, I’m with my family - playing with my three incredible kids and going on date nights with my beautiful husband… OK, that’s not all true .. True reality & most commonly I am cleaning, folding laundry, and packing bags for our next family outing.  We are a dog obsessed family, just without the dog, and for non-cat lover, we welcomed our first family pet to the family at the start of the year - a cat.  I love coffee dates with likeminded mums, I highly value friendship, and I am continuously trying to better myself as a mum, a wife and a professional.

When a mother feels good, when she loves herself, when she sees herself in a new light, I really believe we all benefit. Being a part of that fills my heart and brings so much depth to my love of photography.

More of us need to be captured with our children, more often and it’s my mission to give ‘my people’ a style they resonate with and an experience they will remember fondly. Even if it is mainly laughing at how wild kids are as we stand in a field in a beautiful dress.

I am also a doula and current student midwife. I love all things birth and post partum related, and I believe women and their families deserve support and education during their transition to parenthood.  


Photographer - Earthchild Photography

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